10,000 laptops to be distributed to students for online learning

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Research started to distribute the 10,000 laptops purchased in the framework of the Moldova Education Reform Project. The first lot of 2,400 laptops was received by the Ministry and will be distributed today, April 14, Minister Lilia Pogolșa announced, being quoted by IPN.

“Even if a considerable shortage of laptops and parts needed for producing these was reported at global level, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, in concert with the cooperation partner, the World Bank, managed to purchase 10,000 laptops, which is a maximum quantity available at the moment. This number will enable us to fully satisfy the needs of secondary school and lyceum students. Following the distribution of this equipment, none of the children who go to the secondary school and lyceum will remain outside the education process because they do not have a computer at home to have lessons online,” stated Lilia Pogolșa.

Attending the event, acting Prime Minister Aureliu Ciocoi underlined the importance of this purchase for the national education system. “The current investments in the education system will yield results in 10-15 years. We need investments in intellect, in the grey matter of the young generation that in the near future will take over this country and it is our responsibility to make sure that the future generations are more intelligent and prepared than we are now,” stated Aureliu Ciocoi.

In a press release, the Ministry of Education said that both the 2,500 received laptops and the 7,600 laptops that are to be supplied next week will be distributed to all the country’s districts. The principals of general education institutions reported that 9,484 fifth-twelfth graders need a computer to be able to study online.

The laptops bought within the Moldova Education Reform Project are outfitted with a licensed operating system. The total cost of the purchase is US$2 914 200. The project is implemented during April 2013 – April 2022.

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