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40 titles of new textbooks printed for current school year

Forty titles of school textbooks were approved for printing by the Ministry of Education and Research. Out of these, 31 titles were already printed and are to be transported in the immediate period to primary and secondary schools and lyceums for the 2023-2024 academic year, IPN reports.

According to the Ministry of Education and Research, 72 bids for 43 titles were submitted for the 47 titles proposed for tendering this year. Each textbook was assessed by a group of three-five experts chosen at an open contest. The bid that obtained the highest score was assessed to see if it is appropriate for printing. For the textbooks to be printed, the compliant bids were to be endorsed by the group of assessors and by the National Council for the Approval of Textbooks.

The only bid submitted for the Universal Literature textbook for the 12th grade was declared noncompliant as the proposed textbook didn’t comply with the curriculum. The only bid for the Russian Language and Literature for the fifth grade didn’t obtain the minimum score of 80 points in accordance with the assessment system. As a result, no winner was designated for the two titles. One more draft textbook is being assessed at the moment.

Another 67 titles of school textbooks, 52 of which are intended for primary and secondary schools and 15 for lyceums, are to be acquired in 2024 as part of the tender contest announced this May, which is to be opened this December.

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