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About 5% of Moldova’s population vaccinated against COVID-19 by now

Approximately 5% of the population of the Republic of Moldova got vaccinated against the novel coronavirus. Some 0.6% of the population got both of the vaccine doses. Moldova so far received over 785,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine and a new lot of 45,000 AstraZeneca doses is to be delivered to the country through the COVAX Facility on May 24, IPN reports.

In a news conference staged by the National Public Health Agency, epidemiologist Angela Paraschiv said that 202,883 COVID-19 vaccine doses have been administered by now. As many as 27,129 persons were given both of the shots. The vaccination rate among health workers is the highest, of over 80%. Of all the immunized persons, almost 60% are men.

Adverse events were reported by 0.68% of the immunized persons. Of the over 1,200 adverse events, only 53 were moderate, while the rest were minor. There were recoded no severe reactions.

Angela Paraschiv said that among the over 202,800 vaccinated persons, 335 (0.17%) were confirmed with COVID-19 in 12 days of the immunization, on average. The person is not yet protected after the first dose is administered. Both of the doses should be administered for ensuring complete immune protection.

The third COVID-19 vaccination stage was partially launched on May 11. The members of the National Immunization Coordination Committee approved the contingents of persons who will be immunized. The immunization takes place at vaccination centers and through mobile teams that will travel to the homes of persons with reduced mobility.

According to the Ministry of Health, Moldova by May 12 has got 253,173 infections with the novel coronavirus. The death toll from COVID-19 now stands at 5,981.

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