Admission to first grade starts April 3

As from next Monday, the parents can submit online the documents for enrolling their children in the first grade through the platform The admission procedure consists of two stages and the first stage will last from April 3 until May 26, IPN reports.

At the first stage, the submitted applications and required documents are validated. The Chisinau City Hall warns that the place of residence of the children who will turn seven before September 1, 2023 must correspond to the school district.

The enrolment application must be submitted through Besides this, the applicants must attach the identity card of one of the parents or of the legal representative of the child and the child’s birth certificate.

At the second stage during June 2-16, there will be registered children who will turn 7 before the beginning of the school year and who weren’t enrolled at the first stage, including children from other school districts. There will also be validated the documents of children who will turn seven between September 1 and December 31, 2023 from the school district and then of children from other school districts, for admission to places that remained free.

The municipal authorities noted that the exceptional situations of children who during the first two stages weren’t registered to the first grade will be examined by institutional commissions and by the municipal commission during August 21- 30, within the limit of free places. This way, by referring children to institutions that have available places, access to education for all children of school starting age will be ensured.

The registration of children for school is free of charge. If they have questions, the parents can contact the managers of educational institutions or can call on 022-20-16-09.

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