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Ala Nemerenco: No case of infection with Omicron has been detected in Moldova yet

No case of infection with the Omicroin variant has been identified in the Republic of Moldova so far. Minister of Health Ala Nemerenco said the Republic of Moldova has the capacity to sequence to genome to detect Omicron, but none of the samples examined by now contained the new variant. However, the minister noted the authorities are concerned about the high number of cases in Europe and brace for a new wave of COVID-19, IPN reports.

Ala Nemerenco said that even if the Omicron variant causes havoc in Europe, the Republic of Moldova has only cases of infection with the Delta variant to date.

“The Omicron variant is very contagious, but thank God it is not so aggressive. About 38,000-39,000 cases were logged all over the world by December 19, but the figure by December 24 rose to 100,000 cases in the UK alone. In October, we received the equipment needed to sequence the genome here, in the Republic of Moldova. Swabs are taken from different localities. No case of Omicron was detected in 16 samples,” Ala Nemenrenco stated in the talk show “Shadow Cabinet” on JurnalTV channel.

The minister said the authorities are aware of the coming new wave and get ready to reopen the COVID-19 wards in hospitals. Also, the Ministry of Health is preparing the necessary supplies of medicines and consumables and is increasing the testing capacity so that the hotbeds of infection are identified swiftly.

“We got ready and have sufficient medicines and tests and are increasing the capacity to do tests, including antigen, not only PCR tests. We prepared all the medicines needed for intensive therapy and also aim to obtain the two most popular antiviral drugs – one made by Pfizer and one made by Merck. We are ready to announce tender contests so as to purchase these medicines. We are discussing with the House of Social Insurance so as to subsidize a part of these medicines and offer them to patients receiving treatment at home. These drugs are efficient at the incipient stage of the disease, from the first symptoms,” stated Ala Nemerenco.

A number of 422 new cases of COVID-19 were recorded in the Republic of Moldova on December 30, 143 of which in the Transnistrian region. Eighteen of the cases were reportedly imported.

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