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Almost 3,900 suspected cases of violence against children

In the first semester of the 2023-2024 school year, employees of the education system reported 3,821 suspected cases of violence against children in the family, at school, on the street or in other places in the community, IPN reports. The Ministry of Education and Research said the boys were the target of violence in 2,701 cases, while the girls in another 1,120 cases. By the type of abuse, there were reported 1,657 situations of physical violence, 782 cases of emotional abuse, 488 cases of bullying, and 858 situations of neglect. The Ministry noted that this year it aims to strengthen the national network of anti-bullying trainers and 40 national formers and 1,000 teachers will be trained for the purpose. Also, a broad information campaign will be carried out among students and parents on how to prevent bullying and a number of amendments will be made to the Education Code so that teachers are better protected in educational institutions.

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