Andrei Spînu: Price of electricity in bills will remain unchanged

The average estimated price of electricity for May is US$66.7 MWh and the price of electricity in bills remains unchanged, said Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spînu, Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development. 70% of the electricity comes from the Kuchurgan Power Plant, while 30% from Ukraine’s Ukrhidroenergo, IPN reports.

“Moldova needs to diversify the electricity supply sources. Regrettably, owing to this difficult period of time, the process is intricate and full of uncertainty. Yesterday, Energocom announced the signing of a contract for the purchase of 30% of the necessary amount of electrical energy from a Ukrainian company,” stated Andrei Spînu. The authorities continue to have discussions so as to identify the best purchase price of electricity for the next months.

The joint stock company Energocom signed a contract for

the purchase of 30% of the necessary amount of electrical energy for May, with the Ukrainian company Ukrhidroenergo, in accordance with the ordinance made by the Commission for Exceptional Situations on April 29. The Ukrainian operator started to supply electricity on May 12. At the end of April, Energocom, based on direct negotiations, signed a contract for the purchase of electricity with the Kuchurgan Power Plant (MGRES) at the price of US$59.5 MWh. The Plant undertook to supply 70% of the electricity needed by Moldova in May.

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