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Andrei Spînu: Salaries of CFM employees started to be paid

Employees of the state-run enterprise “Moldovan Railways” (CFM) will receive their salaries for December by the end of this month, Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development Andrei Spînu assured. According to him, the salaries of CFM employees for October and November were paid and the salary arrears for December started to be settled. To pay the salaries, CFM received a loan and made various savings, IPN reports.

Minister Andrei Spînu said that the problem of salary arrears at CFM is solved in stages. The state-owned enterprise received a loan to clear a part of the debts.

“When the former director resigned, there were salary arrears for October. Last week, the debts for November were cleared. These days, the salaries for December started to be paid. We will definitely clear the debts for December by the end of this month. Money is taken from the savings that are made by reducing particular costs. The first request we made to the new interim manager was to review each line of costs and see how we can save some resources. The Public Property Agency offered, through a state-owned enterprise, a loan to CFM to clear these debts,” Andrei Spinu Spînu stated in the talk show “Resumé” on RliveTV channel.

The official noted that, together with the new CFM director, they managed to optimize the costs and the money is used to pay salaries. Oleg Tofilat quit in a difficult period for CFM.

“We daily see how the revenues from rail transport services grow. Things have stabilized. We expect to have increases in the coming periods and little by little to remunerate the people so that three are no salary arrears. I also asked the former director to employ cost optimization. I can give an example. You cannot offer bonuses when the company is at a loss. I’m glad that together with the new director, we reached this understanding to see, at the first stage, what we can optimize given that we are going through a complicated period. Mr. Tofilat left when the company had salary arrears for October, November, December and January. I expected that when it was harder, he would stay and help overcome the situation, not leave,” said the Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development.

The former head of the Moldovan Railways Oleg Tofilat resigned in January. In February, Sergey Tomșa was appointed interim director of CFM.

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