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Approval of composition of Executive Committee of Gagauzia put off

The composition of the Executive Committee of the Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia hasn’t been approved on Tuesday either. The postponement of the issue was asked by Bashkan Yevgenia Gutsul. This was the fifth attempt to approve the nominal composition of the Executive Committee in Comrat, IPN reports.

At the start of the meeting, Yevgenia Gutsul explained the necessity of putting off the examination of the subject, arguing that a number of the proposed executive members weren’t present, while others didn’t pass the Gagauz language proficiency test. The latter are to be replaced.

“We ask for a postponement, but I want to note that I’m in favor of joint work and I want Gagauzia to develop. Let’s go hand in hand,” stated the Bashkan.

The exclusion from the agenda was supported by the deputies of the People’s Assembly. These asked that Yevgenia Gutsul should put forward relevant proposals during the shortest period of time possible.

After four failed attempts, the structure of the Executive Committee was approved in the August 25 meeting, but the nominal composition could not be approved.

The law provides that the Bashkan of Gagauzia can dissolve before time the People’s Assembly if the Executive Committee is not formed within 45 days of the day the composition is proposed.

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