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Biological banks will be regulated by special law

The MPs gave a second reading to a draft law on the human biological bank. The notion of human biological bank or biobank is defined in the legislation for the first time. For the first time in Moldova, the bill clearly regulates the work of biological banks and banks with scientific research purposes, IPN reports.

According to Adrian Belîi, chairman of the commission for social protection, health and family, who is one of the sponsors of the legislative initiative, the human bank is an institution that gathers together organized collections of specimen samples and associated data, which is founded and maintained by the founder. A biobank has the right to organize research in the field of health and personalized medicine, ensures the voluntary nature of donation, confidentiality of donor identity and protection of individuals from arbitrary use of genetic data and discrimination based on interpretation of their DNA structure and risks arising from them.

The bill regulates DNA descriptions, health descriptions and genealogies of donors of human biological samples. The rights and obligations of donors of human biological samples, the administrator and authorized users of the biological bank, geneticists are explained. The conditions needed for the consent to become a donor of human biological samples and the right of ownership over human biological samples, stored data and conditions for data protection are also stipulated.

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