Buildings of “Barza Albă” company classed as national monument

The complex of industrial buildings of the joint stock company “Barza Albă” based in the municipality of Balti will be considered a national monument. A decision to this effect was taken by the Cabinet on Wednesday, IPN reports.

Also, the wooden churches “Assumption of Mary” were added to the division “Municipality of Chisinau”. These churches include “Saint Trinity” Church that was relocated from Hirișeni village of Telenești district to Chisinau, “Assumption of Virgin Mary” Church in Gîrbova village of Ocnița district that is now located on the territory of the Chisinau Village Museum and the Building of the “Chsinau-Revaca” Airport Station.

Minister of Culture Segiu Prodan said that mistaken records were identified the Register of Monuments and were removed. For example, the wooden church “St. Archangel Mikhail” in Burlănești village didn’t exist when the Register was approved as it was demolished in 1990 and was replaced with a new stone church, but it was added to “Edineț District”. The Orthodox Church “St. Spiridon” in Văleni village was added to “Vulcănești District”, but it didn’t exist when the Register was approved as it was demolished in 1969-1970.

The minister noted that the goal pursued by such a draft Parliament decision is to protect the elements of the cultural-historical heritage so as to keep their authenticity and promote them as elements of the national cultural heritage, underlining their significance in the everyday life and contributing this way to the sustainable development of the national economy.

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