CC judgment on dissolution of Parliament divides MPs into camps

The Socialist MPs consider the Constitutional Court’s conclusion concerning the dissolution of Parliament is a blow to democracy and the rule of law, a decision contrary to all the recommendations of the European law enforcement agencies. For their part, the PAS MPs believe that every time the citizens have the possibility of deciding something by vote, it is a triumph of democracy. At the same time, the representatives of the PPPDA say the organization of snap elections in the current conditions of pandemic is dangerous, IPN reports.

Since the CC passed its judgment, the Socialists have criticized this decision, saying it is political in character as two of the five constitutional judges had separate opinions on the dissolution of Parliament.

“No one won. Democracy, the rule of law lost. The precedents set by the Constitutional Court have effects in time. In the future, we will be confronted again by this weird, unhealthy decision that is contrary to the recommendations of the Venice Commission and the Council of Europe,” Socialist MP Grigore Novac stated in the program “Good Evening” on the public TV channel Moldova 1.

The representatives of the PAS noted they are satisfied with the CC judgment and want the snap parliamentary elections to be organized as swiftly as possible.

“When elections are held, it is a triumph of democracy. The Constitutional Court proved by a number of decisions that are not necessarily to the politicians’ taste that it is highly independent. I hope this correctness and independence of the Court will be maintained,” said PAS MP Dumitru Alaiba.

For their part, the representatives of the PPPDA said the investing of a pro-European transition government would have enabled to correctly hold the elections and manage the pandemic crisis.

“The vaccination pace is now of 5,000 persons a day, but can rise to 10,000 and by September we can have 30% of the population vaccinated. Daily, tens of families bury their dead relatives. What we wanted to do was to ensure the safety of the electoral process. If they decided in a different way, we will follow this path,” said the secretary general of the PPPDA Ion Terguță.

Earlier, the president of the Central Election Commission Dorin Cimil said that a sum of 120 million lei is needed for holding snap parliamentary elections in times of pandemic, with the purchase of all the necessary protection equipment for electoral functionaries. The 2021 state budget does not include funds for organizing the elections.

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