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Civil society flash-mob: “Thank you EU! Moldova is European!”

The European Council’s decision to start accession negotiations with Moldova was welcomed by the National Platform of the Civil Society Forum, which held a flash-mob event outside the EU Delegation building in Chisinau, with the message “Thank you EU! Moldova is European!”.

Iulian Groza, executive director of the Institute for European Policies and Reforms (IPRE), said that the discussions at the level of the European Council created certain emotions. “In the end, the European Union demonstrated once again how strong it is and that it can reach a certain compromise in the common interest. Thus, joining the European Union becomes a reality, it is a national idea for all of us. We thank the European Union for this decision and let’s say loud and clear that Molova is Europe, Europe is Moldova, Moldova is European”, declared Iulian Groza.

Adrian Lupușor, executive director of the Expert-Group Centre, appreciated it is a historic moment. “We understand the importance of these times, at the same time we are realistic and as civil society we will make our best effort to help those reforms that are to be implemented, also on the dimension of human rights, justice, economy, social welfare. We will also monitor the activity of the authorities to make the government accountable, not deviating from the European course, to justify this credit of trust that the European Union offered to Moldova”, said Adrian Lupușor.

The Ambassador of the European Union to Moldova, Janis Mazeiks, said that he is happy for our country and for the Moldovans, but also for Ukraine and the Ukrainians. “I know that you put in 120% effort and I have no doubt about Moldova’s firm will to join the European Union. The European Council’s decision to start accession negotiations reflects both the determination of the Moldovans and the EU’s commitment to fulfill its promises. I hope that now, when it is increasingly clear that the Republic of Moldova will become a member of the European Union, European integration will be a national consensus. I know that a lot of difficult work and many complex decisions lie ahead for Moldova”, said the EU ambassador.

The European Council decided on Thursday to open accession negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova. At the same meeting, Georgia was offered candidate status. The EU will also open negotiations with Bosnia and Herzegovina once the necessary degree of compliance with the accession criteria is reached.

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