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Dodon explains why Voronin heads list of candidates

The leader of the Socialists Igor Dodon revealed details about the formation of the PSRM-PCRM bloc. Dodon denied any involvement of Moscow in the union of the two forces of the left and expressed his confidence that the bloc will gain a majority of seats of MP. He noted he didn’t aim to be the first on the list of candidates, IPN reports.

Igor Dodon said he easily offered the first place on the list to Vladimir Voronin out of respect for the political experience of the leader of the PCRM and the whole team of the Socialists supported such an idea.

“My parents educated me to give the place to more experienced persons. Voronin is more experienced than me. I held office of President only once, while he held it for two times. In our relationship of father and son, from political viewpoint I consider it is a correct decision. This proposal was welcomed in our team and in the team of them of the PCRM,” Igor Dodon stated in the talk show “Key Issue” on NTV Moldova channel.

According to Dodon, the rumors about Russia’s involvement in the formation of the PSRM-PCRM bloc are disseminated by the political opponents and are aimed at harming the image, suggesting that they are being guided from outside.

“Our goal is to gain a parliamentary majority and to undertake governance as the Republic of Moldova is a parliamentary, not presidential state and we should bring things in order. Those who speak about the involvement of the Kremlin in the formation of the PSRM-PCRM bloc are those who obey only foreign ambassadors and cannot take any steep without consent from outside,” stated Igor Dodon.

In the July 11 snap parliamentary elections, the electoral bloc of the Communists and the Socialists will be under No. 6 on the ballot, if the political entity is registered as an election contender.

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