Dorin Recean: It’s clear that Russia cannot get to Moldova with its army

There are no military dangers threatening Moldova now, but there are attempts by particular groups that serve the interests of Russia to destabilize the situation, Prime Minister Dorin Recean stated for the press in Romania during his first official visit to Bucharest. The Premier assured that the state institutions have the capacity to manage eventual destabilization attempts and voiced hope that there will be no provocations in the Transnistrian region. The official noted that the authorities on the left side of the Nistru also aim to ensure peace and security, as Chisinau does, IPN reports.

In a program on the public TV channel of Romania, the Moldovan Premier said that Moldova is currently not exposed to military risks. He expressed his gratitude for the support offered by Romania to overcome the energy crisis generated by the war in Ukraine.

“There is a difference between military escalation and destabilization attempts. There is now no danger of a military escalation in the Republic of Moldova, while the risk of destabilization has been present since last autumn. We have been provoked for a period. The authorities in Chisinau learned to maintain order, stability and peace. Bucharest has been very receptive when we needed to find alternatives to the supply of electrical energy and natural gas. We thank the Romanian authorities for helping the Republic of Moldova. Today we have the same assurances of support from Romania,” Dorin Recean stated in the program “Beyond White and Black” on TVR1 channel.

The Prime Minister said the protests staged by the Shor Party are not authentic and their organizers try to destabilize the situation in Moldova on Moscow’s instructions. But the state institutions are able to cope with such provocations.

“This is a protest paid by the pro-Russian groupings and criminal groups that should actually stay in jail. As the Government wants to reform the justice sector and to hold these accountable, they allied themselves with pro-Russian groups and with Moscow’s interests so as to try and destabilize the Republic of Moldova,” said Dorin Recean.

He noted that owing to the Ukrainian army’s resistance, the scenario of a Russian military invasion of Moldova is highly improbable. The Premier expressed his conviction that the authorities in Tiraspol do not want the escalation of the war.

“I consider Russia does not have sufficient resources for an escalation and it’s clear that Russia cannot get to the Republic of Moldova with its army. On the other hand, the Republic of Moldova has sufficient capacities to cope with eventual escalation in Transnistria. Those from Transnistria are very aligned as we aligned them with our objective to ensure peace and security in the region. Russia does nothing but promote a hybrid war, with a lot of propaganda, disinformation. It insists on pro-war narrative, but I’m confident that it will not succeed,” said the official.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Dorin Recean paid his first official visit to Bucharest. He met with the President of Romania Klaus Iohannis at the Cotroceni Place and with his Romanian counterpart Nicolae Ciucă at the Victoria Palace. At the Palace of the Parliament, he had meetings with the President ad interim of the Senate Alina Gorghiu and the President of the Chamber of Deputies of Romania Marcel Ciolacu. He also met with her Majesty Margareta, Custodian of the Crown of Romania, and His Royal Highness Prince Radu of Romania.

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