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€20,000 for murder of ex-husband

A woman from Cahul municipality was arrested after she allegedly ordered the murder of her ex-husband for €20,000. The suspect asked that her former husband should be poisoned. The so-called killer was actually an undercover agent infiltrated into the operation by investigative officers, IPN reports.

The General Police Inspectorate said that the woman, who is over 50 years old, this April began to look for a person who would kill her ex-husband. She passed on to the so-called killer a container with a toxic substance. She also provided such details as the time, license plate number of the car and the itinerary with the maximum chance of assassination of her ex-husband.

The successful murder was simulated and the woman was caught red-handed when she was transmitting the money to “the killer”, with the support of officers of the Special Police Brigade “Fulger”. She was detained for 72 hours and placed in the remand prison in Chisinau. Searches followed in Cahul and draft documents, money used to plan the murder and mobile phones containing evidence were seized as a result.

The Ciocana Court of Chisinau City issued an arrest warrant for the woman

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