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“EcoVoucher” program covers families with highest energy vulnerability degree

The families with a high energy vulnerability degree will benefit from vouchers to replace lamps and domestic appliances. The EcoVoucher program is applied for the first time in Moldova and the beneficiaries are selected from among those who registered on www.compensaț The program is implemented with the support of UNDP Moldova and the European Union and is designed to reduce the burden of energy bills, IPN reports.

The EcoVoucher program was designed to help the people to reduce the electricity bills by replacing energy inefficient bulbs and domestic appliances. The potential beneficiaries will be chosen from among those who registered to get state subsidies and priority is given to families with modest incomes and with high energy costs.

“The EcoVoucher program is a pilot program pilot implemented by the United Nations Development Program together with the Energy Efficiency Agency, with the European Union’s support. Pilot program means that it is now implemented with our support, but will be later taken over by the Energy Efficiency Agency. The EcoVoucher program consists in the replacement of lamps and of a large number of domestic appliances of energy vulnerable beneficiaries. At the current stage, applying for an EcoVoucher is not possible, but we will choose a number of beneficiaries from among the households with a high energy vulnerability degree, which registered on . These beneficiaries will get EcoVouchers that could be used at particular stores,” UNDP Moldova programs manager Virginia Bîlici stated in the program “Freedom Territory”.

This year, the EcoVouhcer program is implemented with foreign partners’ support, but next year the Government will finance this project through the Energy Efficiency Agency. PAS MP Ina Coșeru said the authorities’ priority is to make the homes energy efficient by reducing citizens’ bills.

“This program and the other energy efficient programs will contribute to decreasing charges and will make us much more rational when using energy resources as we don’t have this culture of saving energy resources. The energy resources come from natural resources that have diminished and should be used more reasonably. We are now looking for funds for the Energy Efficiency Agency so that this could implement energy efficiency programs, primarily to thermally insulate buildings,” said Ina Coșeru, of the ruling party.

This year, household users can also register to get subsidies through bills for natural gas, heat and electricity through the Meter Assistance program. One can register on  until November 25.

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