Edineț District Hospital to pay back 9,700 lei to patient

A patient admitted to the Edineț District Hospital had to purchase a number of drugs for treating COVID-19, spending about 9,700 lei. The person filed a complaint to the National Health Insurance Company.

In a press release, the Company says that the Edineț District Hospital didn’t make sure to store the medicines needed to provide the medical services covered by the common mandatory health insurance program, which is contrary to the methodological norms for implementing the common program and the contract for the provision of medical assistance signed by the Company and the hospital. As a result, the provider was obliged to pay back about 9,700 lei to the patient who spent the money while staying in the hospital during October 15 – November 10, 2020.

Contacted by IPN for a comment, Aliona Rusanovschi, vice director of the Edineț District Hospital, conformed that the patient was paid the 9,700 lei he spent on treatment, but avoided answering other questions about the case.

The National Health Insurance Company warns that those who had to buy medicines while staying in the hospital can ask the administration of the public health facility to be paid back the sums spent unjustifiably and must present confirmatory documents. If the hospitals refuse to give the money back, the persons can file a similar application to the Company.

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