EU ambassadors dismiss reports they are fleeing Chisinau

“We are here and we are stronger. We a reinforcing and strengthening our staff and resources in Moldova”, says a joint video message published by the community of EU ambassadors to Moldova, known as Team Europe, in response to rumors that they are fleeing Chisinau.

“On February 24 we wake up in a new world, a world marked by an unfair and certainly an unprovoked war in Ukraine, a world that needs a strong and unified Eruopean response”, stated the EU Ambassador Jānis Mažeiks.

“This is an unprecedented moment for both Ukraine and the world. In recent days we have witnessed another fierce war, that of fake news, which is trying to compromise our efforts”, said the Lithuanian Ambassador Uldis Mikuts.

“There have been rumors that we are fleeing Moldova and leaving you in these difficult times for you. This is a reprehensible attempt to spread panic and fear among Moldovan citizens”, continued Lorenzo Tomassoni, the Italian Ambassador”.

“We are more determined that ever to be efficient and helpful. During the last few days, continuous humanitarian and financial support has been provided to the the Republic of Moldova by the EU and its member states”, said the Hungarian Ambassador Sandor Szabo.

The ambassadors praised the “generous and swift reaction of ordinary citizens and by the institutions of Moldova in facing yet another unprecedented crisis”.

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