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Fatal accident caused by drunk driver in Durlesti

A man died and another one was rushed to the hospital after they got into a car driven by a severely inebriated man. The driver crashed his car into a stone fence in Durlesti town of the municipality of Chisinau, IPN reports.

The General Police Inspectorate said the driver set off on a trip together with the two passengers, aged 34 and 38. At a particular moment, he lost control of the steering wheel and ran the car into a stone fence. The 38-year-old passenger died on the spot. The breath alcohol test showed that the driver had 0.70 mg/l alcohol in the exhaled air. He was detained for 72 hours and a criminal case was started against him.

According to the Criminal Code, severe intoxication is when blood contains 0.5 g/l of alcohol and more or when vapors in the exhaled air contain 0.3 mg/l of alcohol and more

The driver risks four to eight years’ imprisonment and ban on driving.

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