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Final vote in Parliament on a number of laws

The MPs this week adopted a series of draft laws after giving them a final reading. A new type of social leave was introduced and the mechanism for using annual leave was revised. Also, there were ratified a financing agreement for the repair of the Vălcineț – Ocnița – Bălți – Ungheni – Chișinau – Căinari railway corridor and an agreement through which the EBRD will provide a loan of €150 million for the rehabilitation of roads, IPN reports.

The days of annual leave accumulated and not used by employees for two years will be considered used. The employer, at the end of the calendar year, will inform the employee in writing about the number of unused leave days, their expiration date and will request the employee to use these leave days based on a mutually agreed schedule.

The days of leave not used by the employee until the entry into force of the provisions of this draft law could be used until December 31, 2029.

Another draft law stipulates a new type of social leave, legislative measures to combat child labour and more flexible working hours for mothers with small children. The new type of unpaid social leave will benefit employees who have a seriously ill family member who requires care. The duration of leave cannot exceed five working days in any calendar year.

Parliament also passed a bill providing that the citizens will be able to recover faster their money for unused plane tickets from airline that went bankrupt. Thus, passengers who bought plane tickets will be among the first to receive a refund when the company becomes insolvent.

Following the ratification of a social agreement, the Moldovans who settled in the Republic of Latvia will be able to benefit from pensions or other social benefits.

Parliament also ratified the agreement with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development for the implementation of the Moldova Roads Rehabilitation V project. Under the agreement, a loan of €150 million will be provided in two tranches. The amount represents 50% of the co-financing for the project. The other part of the amount will be offered by the European Investment Bank. Within the project, sector 2 of the Chisinau ring road will be rehabilitated and modernized by extending it to four traffic lanes, with an estimated length of 7 km. Also, about 85 km of the road that connects the border with Romania – Leușeni – Chișinău – Dubăsari – the border with Ukraine will be rehabilitated.

Under another initiative, the Vălcineț – Ocnița – Bălți – Ungheni – Chisinau – Căinari railway corridor will be repaired with the financial support of European development partners. It goes to the financing contract between the Republic of Moldova and the European Investment Bank for the “EFSD + Investment Window 1” Project that was signed in 2023. The EBRD will offer Moldova a €41.2 million loan that will be complemented by a €12 million EU grant. The loan is repayable in 30 years at an interest rate is 5%.

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