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First official delegations arrive in Moldova

The first official delegations that will take part in the European Political Community Summit have arrived in the Republic of Moldova. In the morning, the Chisinau International Airport has worked as usual. The authorities announced that the landing of the over 20 official delegations didn’t affect the schedule of regular flights for May 31, IPN reports.

Between 00.00 (local time) on June 1 and 7am (local time) on June 2, only the flights of aircraft that transport official delegations to the EPC Summit will be  permitted.

All the border crossing points work according to the ordinary program.

Together with the arrival of official delegations toMoldova, the section between the Chisinau International Airport and Chisinau will be partially closed to vehicle traffic. Vehicles will be directed to alternative route by the traffic police.

The ambulances and firefighting vehicles will move according to a special regime.

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