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From May 5, electors can ask for voting at place of stay

Applications to vote at the place of stay in the new and partial local elections of May 19 can be submitted starting May 5, the Central Electoral Commission said, being quoted by IPN. Applications to vote with the mobile ballot box can be submitted to the electoral bureau by electors who, for health or other serious reasons, cannot go to the polling station.

According to the electoral legislation, applications are submitted in written form starting two weeks before election day and until 02:00 p.m. on the day before election day. On election day, applications are accepted by the electoral bureau until 02:00 p.m only upon the presentation of a medical certificate.

The persons who cannot submit themselves an application to vote at the place of stay can do it through a family member or can seek help from the social worker of the mayor’s office. If, due to physical impairment, illness or other serious reasons, the voters cannot personally sign the application to vote at the place of stay, they can in person make a request in oral form at the polling station. If the request cannot be made in person orally at the polling station, it can be made by telephone.

On May 19, 2024, new local elections will be held to choose a new composition of lthe ocal councils in Cairaclia and Salcia villages of Taraclia district, Chioselia Rusă and Cotovscoe villages of ATU Gagauzia, and also to elect the mayor in Tîrnova village of Dondușeni district, Bucovăț city of Strășeni district, Sagaidac village and Cimișlia district and Hănăsenii Noi commune of Leova district. On the same day, mayoral by-elections will be held in Chioselia Rusă and Cotovscoe of ATU Gagauzia and by-elections for a new composition of the local council in Cealîc commune of Taraclia district.

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