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Government to allocate 1.3m lei for repairing rehearsal space of “Hecenii”

The Government will allocate 1.3 million lei for repairing the rehearsal space of “Hecenii” young dancers from Heciul-Nou village of Sângerei district, who became viral on social networking sites after making a sensation at a show in Romania, Prime Minister Dorin Recean announced at Wednesday’s meeting of the Cabinet, IPN reports.

“We are all proud of the young people from Heciul Nou, who made us famous at “Romania’s Got Talent”. At the same time, our colleagues from Hâncești went and saw in what conditions they train. It turned out that they need our support. There, about 1.3 million lei is needed for repair works. Please prepare the Government decision by which we will urgently allocate this money from the Government’s Reserve Fund,” said Dorin Recean, addressing Minister of Education Dan Perciun.

He also instructed Minister of Culture Sergiu Prodan to consider allocating financing to this ensemble when the modification of the budget will be discussed.

The “Hecenii” dancers enjoyed success at the latest show “Romania’s Got Talent”. The jury members said that it is for the first time in history that a folk group received the Golden Buzz special prize, which ensured their propulsion to the semifinal.

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