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Government’s spokesman launches new media product

Daniel Vodă, spokesman for the Government of the Republic of Moldova, announced the launch of a series of materials aimed at combating disinformation that is massively present in the country’s public space. The new products are also an invitation addressed to all those interested in getting involved in combating fake news and misinformation, IPN reports.

“A part of my daily activity at the Government of the Republic of Moldova is devoted to reading information in the public space – newspapers, radio, TV or online. Some of this information amazes, other information shocks, and yet in our fast-paced, interconnected world, it’s more important than ever to treat the information around us critically and analytically so as to make the best decisions. A lot of misleading narratives can distort the reality, negatively impacting society. Our goal here is not only to identify this false information, but also to understand the reasons behind its spread and to provide the necessary context and facts to build a clearer picture,” said Daniel Vodă, explaining the need for such an initiative.

As a first example, the spokesman is examining the assertion that Moldova is ruled by foreigners, which is frequently circulated by Russian propaganda.

“False: Sandu, Grosu, Recean – they are not families of foreigners, they are people like each of us, and our country, like any other state, has an internal government body that includes officials elected at local and national levels. These and other officials are responsible for formulating and implementing internal policies, as well as representing the country’s interests externally. And a subtle difference is that the country’s leaders bring money to build roads, schools, hospitals for all the citizens to enjoy, while some of the pro-Russian politicians who promote the lies of Moscow’s spokesmen worship the Kremlin to sell the country. What does the propaganda forget is that, being a democracy, the administration of the country is represented by You, our citizen, through the democratic process, in elections,” said Daniel Vodă.

The message of the Government’s spokesman also comes in the context of the recent election held in the Russian Federation. “And to the ill-wishers from the Kremlin, we amicably remind that we are not interested in Russia’s “vast expertise in democracy”: freedom of the press with news in unanimous “agreement” with the government, “free and fair” elections with an electoral outcome known before the vote, or diplomatic passion for non-interference in internal affairs with “constant lessons of history, morality or spoken language”, which, by the way, is called Romanian,” the official noted.

To support his statements, he invokes the verses of poet Grigore Vieru, which were known especially during the national renaissance period, during the dissolution of the USSR:

“Leave us in our law,
Leave us alone,
Leave us alone once and for all!”

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