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Harsher penalties for speeding drivers

Drivers who break the traffic rules, including exceed the speed limit, will be penalized harsher. Among the penalties is the suspension of the right to drive a means of transport for a period of up to 75 days. This is provided in a bill was given a first reading by the MPs, IPN reports.

Under the bill, the drivers will be banned from driving for a period of 30 to 45 days if they exceed the allowed speed limit by 40-60 km/h and for a period of up to 75 days if the speed limit is exceeded by 60-80 km/h. The owners of units of transport who refuse to reveal the identity of the person to whom they entrusted the vehicle and this broke the traffic rules will face a fine.

The bill obliges the drivers to travel at a speed of at most 30 km/h in areas with an increased flow of vulnerable road users, such as educational institutions, hospitals and historic centers of cities.

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