Igor Boțan: We could have snap parliamentary elections not earlier than May 2021

The snap parliamentary elections in Moldova could be held not earlier than next May and a number of scenarios could be applied in this regard, expert Igor Boțan stated in IPN’s public debate “Snap parliamentary elections: necessities, possibilities, interests”.

“We will have snap elections only if a new Premier is not appointed during the next three months. Until May we will be in suspense. The people are protesting. It is a signal that there is dissatisfaction with the Chicu Government in society. Another indicator of the snap elections is the fact that three parliamentary groups – the PAS, PPPDA and PSRM – say the current Parliament is already invalid. These elections will take place with the contribution of the Constitutional Court,” stated Igor Boțan.

He noted that through the resignation of Ion Chicu, the PSRM and the Shor Party could intend to cause particular problems to the new President because the two parties, which together have a majority of seats of MP, could refuse to field a candidate for Prime Minister. “Then, Maia Sandu will go to the Constitutional Court as it would be senseless to continue this game when there is no majority in this Parliament for investing a new Government,” stated Igor Boțan.

According to him, following the Government’s resignation the parliamentary groups of the PAS, PPDA and PDM could boycott any activity of the current legislature and a vicious circle will appear, which could be broken only by the CC.

Another possible scenario, according to Igor Boțan, is for the MPs of the Shor Party and the PSRM to accept the candidate for Premier proposed by Maia Sandu, but the expert anticipates the two parties will not do something like this.

Igor Boțan also spoke about the shortest way to snap elections. “Three parliamentary groups can say that they don’t want snap elections and will not take part in meetings with the President to consider a candidate for Prime Minister. The President is obliged to propose a candidate after consulting the parliamentary groups. There is the variant that the MPs of the PSRM and the Shor Party will form a parliamentary majority, will nominate a candidate and will propose it to Maia Sandu. But the PSRM wants snap elections after a relatively short period of time as they want a public post for Igor Dodon so that he returns, but only after he discredits Maia Sandu and after he distributes presents to the voters,” stated the expert.

He also said that Moldova could face a political crisis during 1.5-3 months. The parliamentary majority that wants snap elections could adopt no legislative act during the next three months. In this situation, the CC should be requested to return to its judgment on the Parliament’s right to dissolve itself. This would be a solution for hastening the snap parliamentary elections.

The public debate “Snap parliamentary elections: necessities, possibilities, interests” was the 165th installment of the series “Developing political culture through public debates” that is supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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