Igor Dodon returns to administration of PSRM, to serve as executive secretary

MP Zinaida Grechanyi was named president of honor of the Party of Socialist (PSRM), while Igor Dodon, who held this post, was appointed executive secretary of the party. The decisions were taken in the meeting of the PSRM’s National Council, IPN reports.

The changes in the nominal composition of the Executive Committee – the collegial administrative body of the party – were made by the executive secretary of the PSRM Vlad Batrîncea. He proposed that his post should be taken over by the former Socialist leader.

The National Council decided that Vlad Batrîncea will be proposed for the post of head of the parliamentary group of the Bloc of Communists and Socialists. This post until now was held by Zinaida Grechanyi.

In October 2021, Igor Dodon announced his decision to vacate the seat of MP and to concede the administration of the PSRM to a collegial body. He argued that he does not want to be tied to the parliamentary agenda and that his role of opposition leader will be more active outside Parliament. He also noted that he does not want to hide behind parliamentary immunity since the prosecutors started criminal case against him.

In the PSRM’s Congress of December 2021, it was decided that the post of president of the Party of Socialists will be liquidated and the party will be managed by a Political Executive Committee that will consist of several persons.

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