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Igor Grosu: MPs represent not only themselves, but also a political force

The involvement of family members of MPs in corruption cases has a major impact on the political class, Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu said after the daughter of PAS MP Victoria Cazacu was detained in a corruption case. The PAS leader noted that he asked MP Cazacu to vacate her seat from his position of the party’s chairman, not that of Speaker of Parliament. He expects a similar gesture to be made by the group of the Bloc of Communists and Socialists given that the son of Socialist MP Radu Mudreac is featured in the same cases, IPN reports.

PAS chairman Igor Grosu on Monday demanded that Victoria Cazacu should quit as an MP following her daughter’s detention in a corruption case. The leader of the ruling party said that the incident affects the image of the entire political class.

“It was an investigation that lasted. Evidence, arguments were accumulated. Probably, there were also signals from citizens subjected to such treatment by employees of the Airport’s customs post. Among those detained is a family member of MP Victoria Cazacu. Beyond the presumption of innocence, this event has a major political impact on the political class, on Parliament. For this reason, I had a discussion with Mrs. Cazacu and asked her to resign. She will do it, but there are some bureaucratic procedures. This is a clear signal of zero tolerance for any kind of suspicion, interference. Those who are in politics must understand that they do not represent themselves. They represent a political force. They represent thousands of people who entrusted their vote to this political party,” PAS chairman Igor Grosu stated the talk show “At 360 Degrees” on Radio Moldova.

The cases of corruption and bribery at the Airport also involve the son of the Socialist MP Radu Mudreac. The Speaker noted that he expects the BCS group will also seek the resignation of the Socialist MP.

“I want the group that is represented by this MP to notify itself and follow the gesture I made. We will watch what they do and then come up with a reaction to their action or inaction. I asked for Victoria Cazacu’s resignation as chairman of the Party of Action and Solidarity. Politically, this is the decision that I thought was right in these circumstances. We expect the same political gesture will be made by the other party,” stated the official.

According to a press release of the National Anticorruption Center, three customs inspectors of the Chisinau International Airport were detained yesterday, while four others are being investigated on the outside in a corruption case. The customs inspectors are suspected of demanding and accepting from passengers between $50 and $1,000 to allow them to take goods into/out of the Republic of Moldova bypassing tax payment procedures.

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