Import of electricity from Ukraine can be resumed if price is advantageous, Energocom

Ukrenergo announced that it will resume the export of electrical energy to the Republic of Moldova on April 11, while the acting director of SA “Energocom” Victor Bînzari said that this will be possible only if an advantageous price is offered, IPN reports.

Victor Bînzari has told Radio Moldova that the Republic of Moldova is now supplied with electricity by the Kuchurgan power plant in proportion of 90% and by Romania in proportion of 5%. The Republic of Moldova can purchase electrical energy from Ukraine in April to cover the shortage of up to 5% during peak rate.

“We will analyze the possibility of importing electricity from Ukraine after we see the commercial offer of Ukrenergo. 95% of our country’s power needs for April are satisfied from two sources – 90% from the Kuchurgan power plant, at the price of US$66, and 5% from Romania, at the price of €90 per megawatt hour. The resumption of power imports from the neighboring state Ukraine will create conditions for decreasing the price of electricity at regional level. Even if we purchase from the Romanian Commodities Exchange, the price can be lower,” stated the acting director of SA “Energocom” Victor.

Ukraine recently announced that it will be able to export again power to the European market as from April 11 as its electricity infrastructure is being restored after a long period of attacks staged by Russia. Last autumn, Moldova imported 30% of the necessary electricity from the neighboring state, at the price of about US$%77 per megawatt hour.

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