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International Day of Democracy marked in central square of Chisinau

Several tens of students of different educational institutions came together in the Great National Assembly Square of Chisinau to celebrate the International Day of Democracy, whose theme this year is “Empowering the next generation”. They arranged in lines and opened white umbrellas so that the word “Conteaza” (“Matters”) could be read from above, IPN reports.

“We invited to this event mates, our partners from different national educational institutions. This way we aim to attract attention to this day, especially because the local general elections will soon take place and the involvement of the youth and of any voter of the Republic of Moldova in this electoral process is necessary for strengthening the representativeness of the local elected officials and democracy in this country,” said Pavel Postica, deputy chairman of the Central Election Commission.

The event was staged by the Commission in partnership with the Center for Continuous Electoral Training of Moldova, which set the goal of informing the population, in particular the young generation, about the importance of the young people’s participation in electoral processes.

The participants in the event chanted: Future depends on us! Become involved! Vote! Democracy matters!

The International Day of Democracy has been celebrated since2007.

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