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Italy offers €10 million for subsidizing energy bills

Italy will provide €10 million to the Republic of Moldova for subsidizing the energy bills, for the program to install smart electricity meters and for energy efficiency measures. The financing agreement for accelerating equitable transition in Moldova was signed on Tuesday by Italy’s Ambassador in Chisinau Lorenzo Tomassoni and UNDP Resident Representative to Moldova Daniela Gasparikova, IPN reports.

The Italian official said that since the outbreak of the war of aggression against Ukraine and the hybrid war against Moldova, Italy has supported Chisinau politically and by financial support and goods. In 2022-2023, the Italian state provided €43 million, 20 tonnes of goods, a camp for refugees, etc. “As the co-president of the Moldova Support Group and as a founding member of the European Union, Italy is proud to contribute to the resilience of the energy sector of Moldova, which is a sister nation and an EU accession candidate,” stated Lorenzo Tomassoni.

Daniela Gasparikova noted that the support and permanent cooperation are extended this way so as to enable to reduce Moldova’s energy vulnerability and to advance in ensuring energy efficiency and in transforming the energy sector. “I thank the Italian government for offering opportunities for promoting these ambitious reforms,” stated the UNDP Resident Representative to Moldova.

Attending the signing ceremony, Minister of Energy Victor Parlicov thanked the Italian people and authorities for the support and UNDP Moldova for the enormous work done to channel the support during the most difficult period influenced by the energy prices. “This new support is somehow very symbolic and marks several elements. A part of this support is further allocated for helping our citizens who are energy vulnerable to cope with the bills. Another part of this support will be invested in development, in elements that will enable us to reduce the burden borne by consumers not through lower prices, but through efficiency and the possibility of integrating more renewable energy into the network,” stated the minister.

According to him, support will be offered to a pilot project to install smart meters that will enable consumers to pay differentiated charges, depending on hour. These meters can also transmit information and direct signals to domestic appliances as to when these should start and stop the consumption of energy.

Minister of Labor and Social Protection Alexei Buzu said the project supports the vulnerable households in Moldova during the current winter season. Through this subsidization program, the way in which the authorities interact with and support the citizens is rethought.

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