Lack of consensus in a relationship means abuse, Denim Day Moldova 2023

Consensus in a relationship is mandatory. The lack of consensus leads to abuse or violence. Sexual violence is the least recognized and reported form owing to stereotypes, victims’ fear, unawareness of its forms, etc., the International Center “La Strada” noted in connection with the world campaign “Denim Day”, IPN reports.

“Each year on last Wednesday in April, we wear denims in solidarity with the victims of sexual assault. This way, we join in the world campaign “Denim Day” that promotes zero tolerance of sexual violence. This year, the national campaign “Denim Day Moldova 2023” aims to raise awareness in society of the necessity of cultivating zero tolerance for sexual assault by promoting couple relations based on consensus,” says a press release issued by “La Strada”.

This way, 50 public figures, influencers, journalists and women and men of different ages joined in the campaign and explained through video messages the significance of consensus between partners, noting that this is the basis of a trustworthy relationship and a couple can resist only if there is consensus. The messages are distributed through social networking sites of the protagonists and the International Center “La Strada”, which is the organizer of the awareness-raising campaign.

“The consensus is what makes us feel better and safe in a relationship. It is when both of the partners want the same thing and when the decisions are taken freely by each of them. The consensus is the respecting of the limits of the other persons and one should not place their wishes above the wishes of their partners. Consensus in a relationship is mandatory and its absence means abuse,” said “La Strada” executive director Elena Botezatu.

According to data of the General Police Inspectorate, the number of sex crimes in 2016 grew from 1.67% of all the offenses to 2.36% in 2022. The rapes are the largest in number, being followed by statutory rate of persons younger than 16 and violent acts of a sexual character.

Last year, the Trustline for Women and Girls managed by the International Center “La Strada” was used by 1,530 women affected by domestic and sexual violence.

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