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List of compensated medicines extended as from Jan. 1

Starting with January 1, the persons with diabetes, high blood pressure and respiratory infections will have access to four more international common names of drugs, IPN reports.

According to the National House of Social Insurance, among the fully or partially compensated drugs are sitagliptinum, perindoprilum+indapamidum, budesonidum or budesonidum+formoterol fumarate dihydrate and fluticasonum.

Also, as of January 1, the patients who need palliative care benefit from three more preparations that are on the list of compensated drugs, namely amitriptilylinum, gabapentinum and diazepamum.

According to the estimates of the National House of Social Insurance, about 24 million lei a year is needed to compensate the new medicines. The money was earmarked in the mandatory health insurance funds. The decision to add the new preparations to the list of compensated drugs was taken by the Council for Compensated Medicines in December 2022.

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