Maia Sandu: I do not see any sense in having consultations with parliamentary groups

President Maia Sandu said she will not initiate consultations with the parliamentary groups because these frequently change their decisions, including about the dissolution of Parliament and snap elections. She will consider possibilities of overcoming the political crisis with representatives of civil society and will formulate a clear general position as regards the holding of snap elections. She will not nominate as Prime Minister the candidate proposed by a corrupt parliamentary majority and is ready for a referendum where the people would give her a grade, IPN reports.

President Maia Sandu noted he expects the date of March 23, when it will be three months of the resignation of the Chicu Government. If a new executive is not voted in during three months of the resignation of the Government, this can serve as a reason for dissolving Parliament, in accordance with previous interpretations of the Constitutional Court.

“If the problem of snap elections cannot be solved in Parliament, there is the other option – the referendum. It’s true that this referendum will extend the process, but it won’t be a delay of two years. During these two years, corruption, poverty and despair will be only perpetuated,” Maia Sandu stated in the talk show “In Depth” on ProTV channel.

She said the voting in of any government with full powers in the current conditions will only extend the witnessed political agony.

“My strategy is to reach snap elections. I do not intend to accept a Government supported by corrupt people, who would continue to control the state institutions. If they do not want snap elections, we can hold a referendum and the people will decide then. This is the essence of democracy. The people’s decision will be mandatory for me and for Parliament,” noted Maia Sandu.

The official made it clear that she will not obey the Constitutional Court’s judgment and will not initiate consultations with the parliamentary groups even if the Court’s decision of February 23 points to the necessity of consultations.

“This decision of the Court would be perfect in conditions of normality. We are trying to de-oligarchize the country. What’s the efficiency of such consultations when we see that a part of the parties are fully inconsistent? I will discuss with civil society. Despite this decision, the country needs to go towards snap elections. I do not violate the principles of democracy. I just want to create conditions for the people to decide,” said Maia Sandu.

As polls show that the Party of Action and Solidary, the Party of Socialists, the Shor Party and Our Party would enter the next Parliament, Maia Sandu said the new configuration of the legislature after snap elections is not within the President’s powers. The people will decide how the next legislative body should look like. The key objective of the presidential administration is for the elections to be free and fair.

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