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Maia Sandu on Tiraspol congress: A dread spread by Russian propaganda

The Republic of Moldova is safe as long as Ukraine resists the Russian invasion, said President Maia Sandu, who recently returned from Tirana, where the Ukraine-Southeast Europe summit took place and where she met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The official noted that Ukraine is Moldova’s shield and the entire international community must provide help for this country to win this war. In the same connection, President Sandu described the congress of so-called elected representatives of all levels in Tiraspol as a dread that was intensely disseminated by the Russian propaganda, IPN reports.

The official assured that Moldova is safe as Ukraine is the one that ensures peace and security in our country. The congress of separatist leaders, which took place on Wednesday in Tiraspol, was staged to ask Moscow and international organizations for money, and Russian propaganda amplified this event to panic society.

“I tell the citizens that they are safe. We are all safe because Ukraine is our shield. Even if Ukraine doesn’t have all the aid it needs now, this aid will come. The Tiraspol regime asked for some money. We saw that it addressed Moscow and other entities, international organizations, but the Russian propaganda got its effect and spread this dread. It is what the Kremlin will try to do from now on, especially since we have an election year, to scare the Moldovans. The Kremlin wants us to be scared, weak, led by corrupt people with whom it would get along with to promote its interests. We cannot allow them to do this. We must keep our peace, and our peace depends on our unity and our capacity not to allow to be lied to, scared,” Maia Sandu stated in the talk show “The Shadow Cabinet” on JurnalTV channel.

The official noted that the 5+2 negotiation format is nonfunctional and Chisinau’s goal is now to gradually bring the Transnistrian region into Moldova’s legislative field. The region on the left bank of the Nistru will have to comply with the national legislation in order to benefit from all the advantages of the rapprochement with the European Union.

“The 5+2 format cannot work when two members of this format are at war. Russia attacked Ukraine and Ukraine doesn’t want to take part in this format. We do what is right for our citizens. We are reuniting the country and taking small steps in different areas which would lead to this reunification so that we can all benefit from the European integration process, which means benefits until we become a member state and many more benefits after we become a member state. The Transnistrian region benefits from the provisions of the Association Agreement. For these benefits to be preserved and increased, the left bank of the Nistru must comply with particular requirements of the European Union,’” said President Sandu.

According to a resolution adopted on Wednesday during the congress of so-called elected representatives of all levels of the Transnistrian region, Tiraspol “will request the Federation Council and the State Duma of Russia to protect Transnistria in the face of the increasing pressure from Chisinau.” On Thursday, in his address to the nation, Russian President Vladimir Putin made no reference to the Transnistrian region.

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