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Marina Tauber released from remand detention

Shor Party MP Marina Tauber was set free. The Chisinau Appeals Court on Wednesday ordered to transfer her from remand detention under house arrest. The judges banned her from talking to persons involved in the criminal case featuring her. Supporters and members of Shor Party came together again before the court, demanding that the MP should be released, IPN reports.

After leaving the courtroom, Marina Tauber told the journalists that this is a first victory. The MP was acclaimed by the crowd. She told those who gathered to support her that she was very glad she was set free. “We will continue fighting. You see that I came to the hearing in a T-shirt with the wording “Down with Maia Sandu!”. Surely, after the 54 days I spent in jail, we will struggle even harder so that this does not happen to someone again,” stated the MP.

Lawyer Aureliu Kolenko said that the “reasonable suspicion” invoked by prosecutors is not proven and the defense will insist that Marina Tauber should be freed from any preventive measure. “Indeed, it is a victory of the lawyers in this trial. We do not agree with this decision but, given the developments in Moldova’s legal system, we will take decisions and will present evidence in court so that all the preventive measures are annulled,” stated the lawyer.

On July 21, Tauber was stripped of parliamentary immunity before being arrested. Subsequently, she was charged with two offenses: knowingly accepting illegal financing for Shor Party from an organized criminal group; and falsifying the party’s financial report for the first half of 2022 with the intention of withholding actual incomes and expenses. On July 30, the court issued a warrant for her arrest for a period of 30 days and the period was later extended. She was held in Penitentiary No. 13.

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