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Marko Shevchenko: Ukraine must return to its 1991 borders

There is particular fatigue in society, but all the people are determined to resist until Ukraine returns to its 1991 borders, Ukraine’s Ambassador to Moldova Marko Shevchenko stated two years after the start of Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine. According to the diplomat, European countries continue to financially and militarily support Ukraine and the U.S. will stand by the administration in Kiev no matter who wins this year’s competition for the White House.

February 24 marks two years since Russia launched its large-scale military aggression against Ukraine. It has also been 10 years since the annexation of Crimea. Ambassador Marko Shevchenko noted that the Ukrainian people are ready to resist all pressures and defend their country from Russia’s barbaric actions.

“Ukraine must return to normalcy within its 1991 borders. This is Ukraine’s main target. It’s a difficult task. We have to work hard, defend our country, but we are determined to resist. Why did Putin start this war? Because he thinks based on the concepts of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, when the territories were the main stake. Two years of war is a lot. I haven’t seen opinion polls on the mood among the military, but you can feel the fatigue of society. At the same time, the work of the country’s President in the field of defense is supported by 80% of the population. I don’t know any political leader in the world, who, being in his fifth year of tenure, enjoys the support of 80% of the population,” Ukraine’s Ambassador to Moldova Marko Shevchenko stated in the program “Diplomatic Dimension” on Moldova 1 public TV channel.

Referring to Donald Trump’s eventual victory in the November 5 election, the Ukrainian diplomat noted that the American people support Ukraine. The United States’ support for Ukraine will be maintained regardless of the outcome of the presidential election of this yearend.

“The European Union adopted the decision on the allocation of €50 billion. Germany doubled the military aid provided to Ukraine for this year. When it comes to Donald Trump, I’m the man who believes in deeds, not words. It was Trump who gave Ukraine the sophisticated Javelin weapon. This gesture was made before the war, when most of the European politicians believed that such a thing could not be done. Trump responded to Ukraine’s requests and handed over a series of Javelins that Ukraine used at the start of the war. In the electoral competition, the politicians say different things, but we have to look at the facts. The majority of the U.S. population supports Ukraine and believes Ukraine must continue to be supported. That’s why I believe that the aid provided to Ukraine will depend to a lesser extent on the personality of the president who will be elected at the end of this year,” stated Marko Shevchenko.

In early February, all 27 European Union leaders agreed to offer Ukraine a €50 billion aid package.

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