Mateuți kindergarten needs a director. Ministry of Education annulled contest results

The Mateuți mayor’s office in Rezina district has to hold a new contest to choose a director for the local kindergarten as the Ministry of Education annulled the results of the old contest as a result of which a head for the preschool was selected, owing to violations of the regulations, IPN reports, quoting the regional channel ELITA TV.

At the beginning of February, the results of the contest to choose the director of the kindergarten in Mateuți, Rezina, were challenged by two contenders. Later, by order of the Ministry of Education, it was decided to constitute an examination commission and this studied the actions taken by the contest commission, the files of candidates and the audio-videorecording of the contest.Analyzing the correctitude of the organization and holding of the selection, the examination commission ascertained that the process was vitiated and ordered to annul the contest results. Also, the Ministry of Education obliged the Mateuți mayor’s office to organize a new selection, but by setting up a new contest commission.

The preschool “Steluța” in Mateuți village of Rezina district was renovated in 2018 as part of the program of technical and financial assistance provided by the Government of Romania for the preschool institutions of the Republic of Moldova, which is administered by the Moldova Social Investment Fund. The Romanian Government’s contribution was of almost 3 million lei.

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