Mihai Mogîldea: EPC Summit can bring more investments to Moldova

The hosting of the second European Political Community Summit will offer multiple benefits to the Republic of Moldova, primarily the acceleration of the European integration process and the development of relations with the European states, said the expert of the Institute for European Policies and Reforms (IPRE) Mihai Mogîldea. According to him, beyond the diplomatic benefits, an event of such a scale increases the country’s visibility at foreign level and enables to attract investments, IPN reports.

The IPRE expert noted that by hosting the EPC Summit, Moldova shows its commitment to the accession to the EU and strengthens its position of key partner in the region.

“It is a history event. We didn’t have the occasion of playing host to such a large number of heads of state and government and leaders of European institutions because the Republic of Moldova is not an EU or NATO member, while other entities of which the Republic of Moldova is a party are less representative in terms of scale and importance. The summit will serve as a platform for discussions and cooperation. The event will be broadly covered and this will help to better inform the international public about our country. This event will bring many benefits and opportunities as hundreds of journalists will be in the Republic of Moldova during May 26 – June 6,” Mihai Mogîldea stated in the program “Reflection Points” on Vocea Basarabiei channel.

He noted that the EPC Summit will bring Moldova’s economic potential into the focus, will contribute to increasing foreign investors’ interest and to developing commercial relations.

“Firstly, the country and also the citizens living here will stand to gain. We will have the feeling of pride as we live in a country that was recognized by the international community as a reliable partner. The summit can bring more investments and the level of economic cooperation with the EU can increase. The summit’s agenda includes the energy resources and our country, together with the EU member states, can identify alternative sources for the import of energy. The agenda also includes the subject of intercommunications and transport and this means that possibilities of reducing the costs incurred by the people when using telephony services will be discussed there,” said the IPRE expert.

The first European Political Community Summit was held in 2022 in Prague, the Czech Republic. It brought together leaders from 44 European countries.

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