Moldova files application for EU membership

The Republic of Moldova will submit an application to join the European Union. The application was signed by President Maia Sandu, Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilița and Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu in the evening of March 3, IPN reports.

The application will be filed to Brussels the next few days.

“It took 30 years for us to grow up. We witnessed many failures and steps backward. Now, with the learned lessons, we are ready to assume responsibility for our future. We want to live in peace, democracy and prosperity,” said President Sandu.

“Dear citizens, if some of the decisions need time, others should be taken promptly and determinedly, taking the opportunities offered by the changing landscape of the world. We must act immediately when the circumstances require this and we clearly see the opportunity to ensure a safer, better future for the next generations. The achievement of this objective is our duty before the citizens.”

The application will be submitted to the President of France Emmanuel Macron because his country now holds the Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

“The Republic of Moldova must have a clear European path. We are ready to do our best to achieve this fundamental objective. The citizens made such a choice. They see our country’s future in the EU. We know the steps that need to be taken and we are ready to work. Step by step, in a determined way, we will cover all the stages so as to build a flourishing and peaceful future for the citizens of the Republic of Moldova,” said Maia Sandu.

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