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Moldovans who worked legally in Greece will receive pension from Greek government

The citizens of the Republic of Moldova who worked or work in Greece will benefit from a pension when they reach retirement from this state. The social security agreement Moldova and Greece, which was signed in Chisinau on September 8, 2021, took effect on January 1, 2021, IPN reports.

The agreement institutes social protection for migrant workers from the two states who worked or work legally and now reside on the territory of one of the contracting states.

The document guarantees that the Moldovan and Greek citizens will get an old-age pension, a successor’s pension, a pension for disability caused by a common disease, a pension and allowance for disability caused by a workplace accident or an occupational disease, paid by the state in which they worked legally.

Under the agreement, each contracting state will pay the part of the pension calculated proportionally to the contributory period recorded on the own territory. This way, the person will receive a pension from the state in which they worked on the territory of the state in which they lived.

Moldova signed and implements similar social security agreements with Romania, Portugal, Bulgaria, Luxemburg, Austria, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Belgium, Lithuania, Germany, Turkey, and Belarus. The agreements signed with Italy and Spain haven’t yet come into force.

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