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Music and poetry at National Library on National Reading Day

Poems by Mihai Eminescu and Grigore Vieru were recited at the second edition of the music salon “The Poet and the Music”, which was hosted by the National Library. The literary-musical evening included artistic moments presented by composers, poets, singers from Moldova and abroad, IPN reports.

Poet Tatiana Stradnic said that love, poetry and music are components that are born from each other. “Poetry is born out of love. Poetry begets melody and melody gives birth to love again. For me, poetry is powerful rendering of the emotions I experience, while melody or music is the closest way for a text, a poem to reach peoples’ hearts,” stated Tatiana Stradnic.

“The title “The Poet and the Music” means a lot. In fact, our soul is music and poetry. When we talk about scales, we don’t forget about the song. When we talk about words, we don’t forget about poetry. You can change the appearance right at this manifestation, but you cannot change your soul and the soul of all of us is full of music and poetry,” said writer Ianoș Țurcanu.

Among the participants in the event was Olesea Shevchenko, the wife of the Ambassador of Ukraine to the Republic of Moldova Marko Shevchenko, who sang a song put on Mihai Eminescu’s poem “Oh, mother…“ The diplomat’s wife noted that both music and poetry contribute significantly to the emotional state of humans. “It’s very important in such difficult times to preserve the soul and everything what is related to culture, to such true values as love for mother, homeland, language,” said Olesea Shevchenko.

Artistic moments were also presented by actor Andrei Sochirca, poet Dumitru Popovici, performers Valeria Barbas, Diana Valuta, Elena Demirdjean, Adriana Spunei.

The music salon was organized by the National Library in cooperation with “Sergey Lunkevich” National Philharmonic and the Union of Musicians of Moldova, under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture. The event is part of the series of activities staged on the occasion of great poet Grigore Vieru’s birthday and the National Reading Day.

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