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Natalia Gavrilița is most suitable candidate for Prime Minister, Mihail Popșoi

Natalia Gavrilița is the most suitable caudate for premiership. She has the necessary experience, including governmental one and in the fiscal-economic sector, MP Mihail Popșoi said, explaining why PAS proposed this candidate at the consultations with Maia Sandu this morning, IPN reports.

The MP is sure that Natalia Gavrilița will come before the MPs with a Cabinet that can meet people’s expectations and from the very first day will start to implement the agenda that was supported by the citizens in the snap parliamentary elections of July 11. He is convinced that the PAS’s candidate will garner the support needed to be voted in.

Mihail Popșoi is confident that Natalia Gavrilița, owing to the party’s full support and her experience, will manage not only to improve the situation in the country, but to also contribute to the socioeconomic processes in Moldova.

He noted it is too early to give names of members of the governmental team with which Natalia Gavrilița will come before Parliament in several days. He only said that the Cabinet will include mates from the former governments and new, well-known professionals, persons from outside PAS and also PAS MPs.

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