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Natalia Gavrilița: Justice was done to citizens of Moldova

The inclusion of oligarchs Vlad Plahotniuc and Ilan Shor in the United States’ sanctions list paves the way for the definitive conviction of these and the confiscation of their property, Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilița stated after U.S. Ambassador to Moldova announced that the U.S. imposed sanctions on 21 individuals and legal entities of the Republic of Moldova for involvement in corruption and for acting in the interests of Russia, IPN reports.

As a result of such action, all property and interests in property of the designated persons that are in the United States or in the possession or control of U.S. persons are blocked and access to the U.S. for those designated is banned. Premier Gavrilița said this is a first step towards the conviction of the oligarchs involved in the billion theft and of those who are to blame for treason by acting in favor of Russia.

“Justice was done to the citizens of the Republic of Moldova. There was announced a list of 21 individuals and entities involved in corruption and election interference that caused serious damage to the Republic of Moldova. This paves the way for the corrupt oligarchs to stand trial and for their property to be confiscated and returned to the wronged citizens. The list includes Vlad Plahotniuc and Ilan Shor. The first is responsible for large-scale corruption, while the second is an accomplice to actions to subvert the rule of law for the benefit of the Russian Federation,” stated Natalia Gavrilița.

She also said that the Republic of Moldova is supported by the foreign partners, including in holding accountable the fugitives. According to Minister of Justice Sergiu Litvinenco, Ilan Shor is in Israel, while Vlad Plahotniuc is in Northern Cyprus.

“The Magnitsky Act is the global accountability document that penalizes the officials who seriously violate human rights by confiscating their property and banning their access to the U.S. and not only. The sanctions list includes persons who tried to rig municipal, presidential and parliamentary elections, including initiative groups for the constitution of parties that claimed to be pro-European but were financed by Intelligence Services of Russia. The U.S. Government’s decision recognizes Plahoniuc and Shor as international offenders,” stated Sergiu Litvinenco.

The U.S. Embassy’s press release says that Russia has sought to advance its own interests by providing illicit financing – including funds earmarked for bribes and electoral fraud – to support pro-Kremlin political activity in Moldova.

“The sanctions list also contains the names of persons who benefited from illegal financing during election campaigns, which actually robbed the authentic vote of the citizens – Igor Dodon and the National Alternative Movement,” added Premier Gavrilița.

According to Minister Litvinenco, the U.S. sanctions against fugitive MP Ilan Sgor are a precondition for considering the outlawing of the Shor Party.

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