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New party appears on Moldovan political arena

A new party has emerged on the Moldovan political arena. This is the political party “Free and Sovereign Moldova”. Under the statute, the party aims “to build a democratic, multinational and multicultural Republic of Moldova,” IPN reports.

According to data submitted to the Public Services Agency, the party is led by Nicolae Boicu. It is based in Chisinau, on Albișoara St. The declared number of members is over 1,700.

“We, the political party “Free and Sovereign Moldova”, will be those people who will pull the country out of the mire it is in now. We will surprise the world. We will make the world talk about the Moldovan nation as those who performed a miracle in transforming their own state and lives. We must achieve what no one else before us has achieved,” says the party’s political program.

In the Republic of Moldova, there are 81 officially registered parties.

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