Nicolae Ciucă: We must maintain unity of efforts so as to support Moldova

Today we bear responsibility for maintaining the unity of efforts so as to support the Republic of Moldova with everything it needs on the European road and also to definitively detach it from the unfavorable influence of Russia and to fully liquidate the consequences of the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact, the shameful agreement between the two criminals of the past century, Hitler and Stalin, said the Romanian Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă, who transmitted a message on the occasion of the anniversary of the Union between Bessarabia and Romania, IPN reports.

According to the Romanian official, history teaches us that the military aggression, illegal domination and discrimination against nations cannot last. This is proven by the permanent aspirations of the nations, including the Romanian one, to live freely, in a dignified, united and democratic way. These find the most concrete expression in the Great Union of 1918, which was started on March 27 with the return of Bessarabia to the homeland Romania.

According to Nicolae Ciucă, the revolutions of February and October 1917 created the space for the Romanian identity of Bessarabia to assert itself and for the Bessarabian Romanians to create the own representative and executive bodies, including the People’s Council, which legally and legitimately governed Bessarabia after the legal transfer of power from the Russian governors, since November 1917. The steps towards the Union were taken by fully implementing the principle of self-determination of nations, with the broad public support of all the citizens, by internationally recognized actions that ended with the Union between Bessarabia and Romania, which was adopted in a meeting of the People’s Council that involved the then Premier of Romania Alexandru Marghiloman.

“We today render homage to those who ensured the Union between Bessarabia and Romania and paved the way for the Great Union, in several days of the promulgation in Chisinau of the law that confirms the historical truth that the Romanian language is the official language of the Republic of Moldova, which is the second Romanian state. We salute the current generation of politicians and people of culture who manage to lay again in Chisinau the basis of democracy, Europeanization and Romanian identity, assuming the common path in the European Union,” stated the Romanian Premier.

On March 27, it has been 105 years of the Union between Bessarabia and Romania.

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