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Nicu Popescu: European integration of Moldova is my life’s mission

“My work for the European integration of the Republic of Moldova continues from other positions,” said former Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Nicu Popescu, who left office in January 2024. The former chief of the Moldovan diplomatic service noted that the European integration of the Republic of Moldova is his life’s mission and he will continue to make efforts in this regard, even if he no longer holds any government position, IPN reports.

Former Deputy Prime Minister Nicu Popescu said that although he quit as head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European integration of the Republic of Moldova remains his priority. Moldova has the historic chance to advance significantly in the process of European integration and the whole society must contribute to the achievement of this goal.

“My desire to contribute to the European integration of our country is a personal mission on which I have been working for over 20 years. As early as 2000-2001, I created a website dedicated to the European integration. The effort, the investment, the desire to contribute to the European integration are the mission of my life. I remain involved in this process and Missis President Maia Sandu is our historic chance to bring the Republic of Moldova into the European Union. My work for the country’s integration into the EU continues from other positions,” Nicu Popescu stated in the program “The Shadow Cabinet” on JurnalTV channel.

He noted that he firmly supports the national referendum on the enshrining of the European course in the Constitution. The “Citizens for Europe” initiative is to be launched in this regard, which aims to promote the idea of European integration.

“We are launching a civic initiative together with a number of personalities from different fields, not just from the government or civil society. We are launching an initiative called ”Citizens for Europe”. We invite all those who care about the future of the country to join forces with us, to promote our country’s accession to the European Union. My firm belief is that Europe unites us all, regardless of the language spoken or ethnicity. The Russians, Ukrainians and Bulgarians in the Republic of Moldova want to live in peace. They want a country that ensures their freedoms, prosperity. If we look around, we see that only the European integration can ensure our capacity to keep these freedoms,” said the former Deputy Prime Minister.

Nicu Popescu held the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration in the Cabinets led by Maia Sandu, Natalia Gavrilița and Dorin Recean. He resigned on January 24, 2024, citing personal reasons.

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