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NSA receives support from EU to eliminate rabies in animals

The incidence of rabies among wild foxes has decreased by 82%, and by 2026 this number is projected to reach zero. The results were achieved after the authorities carried out two vaccination campaigns, in spring and autumn, as part of a program funded by the European Union.

The National Agency for Food Safety mentions that the National Veterinary Sanitary and Food Safety Authority of Romania granted the Republic of Moldova 11.39 million lei in non-refundable aid.

Vaccination baits were distributed by air, by means of aircraft, but also by hand. The campaigns also involved informing the population about the vaccination effort. At the same time, specialists monitored rabies in households and in the wild. It was also planned to shoot a defined number of foxes from the areas established in the program, to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of anti-rabies vaccination.

The money was provided from the funds of the European Union, with the effort being an integral part of Romania’s vaccination program, co-financed by the European Commission.

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