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Number of graduates who passed Baccalaureate exams grew by 69

The number of graduates who passed the national Baccalaureate exams rose by 69 after the examination of challenges to about 11,600. About 9,400 of all the candidates were lyceum students, IPN reports, quoting the Ministry of Education and Research.

Most of the challengers, 2,075, referred to the grades obtained in the Romanian language and literature exam. About 1,800 grades were increased following the examination of challenges. This is over 20% of the number of challenged grades and almost 3% of the total number of grades in the main Baccalaureate session.

The pass rate among lyceum students grew by 0.44 percentage points to about 85%, as opposed to approximately 88% at the same stage in the 2021 session. The pass rate among students of colleges and centers of excellence rose by 0.43 percentage points to 43%. Among other categories of candidates (first-year university students and external students) remained the same, almost 46%.

The total pass rare increased by 0.39 percentage points to over 65%, as opposed to about 73% in the 2021 session at the same stage.

The average grade among lyceum studnets is 7.36, in contrast to 7.28 in 2021.

As many as 3,288 candidates got grades equal to or higher than 8 (3,190 in 2021), 932 – equal to or higher than 9 (821 in 2021), while 49 got an average grade of 10 (18).

The additional Baccalaureate session will take place during July 18-25. The preliminary results after this session will be posted at Baccalaureate centers on July 27, while the final results following the examination of challenges – on August 1.

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